This Moment Has No End, at Page Blackie Gallery 4 - 27 July 2019 / by Marita Hewitt

My practice exists entwined with and through my home (itself a work in progress), I see my work as a natural autobiographical output of domestic life, curiosity and contention.

Recent works seek to navigate and question our modern sociological relationship to, and system of; production, labour, consumption and waste; charting lines between private space and work space, technology and craft, garbology and anthropology.

For This Moment Has No End, I collected personal household fabric discards to use as both material and muse, presenting a library of stains with stories, from sheets to drop cloths, tea towels to rags and handed down muslin cloths, their constituent circular economy as paintings is earnest.

Showing two new series of work Still Here and A Perpetual Promise