VSC (Week Seven) / by Marita Hewitt

I haven't managed to actually leave Johnson for three weeks now. The tight radius of this small town and the repetition of spaces and schedule is both comforting and inducing of a form of cabin fever I am new to. The effect of immersion - obsession and frustration, with great results in the studio. Running has been an effective way to clear the cobwebs and stretch my limbs. I've been running up a giant hill - not like I have a choice of the flat here, being located in the mountains. Turns out the air really is thin at elevation.

Its so weird not having little things to distract me during my working day - no meals to prepare or think about, no washing to hang out, no cat to smooch. Just painting, and more painting. The callous is growing on my brush finger relative to the hours spent gripping and labouring with small handles.

A small classic VHS collection in the VSC communal lounge has provided some excellent evening entertainment lately. Apocalypse  Now is epic. Twin Peaks is keeping me sane, thanks NetFlix.

Small town karaoke at the only bar in town every Saturday night is amusing to say the least, I popped my public karaoke cherry recently. Fun.

Below is a studio shot - this is where I sit 9 hours a day.