VSC (Week Five) / by Marita Hewitt

Things are ticking along in the studio nicely. Completed the first of the Incineration Series, a group of five works. Such a luxury to have a massive studio here and be able to see them up and together before exhibition. (I've included a little detail shot for you).

Enjoying exploring more of the surrounding area of northern Vermont, some of it feels very familiar to home now that all the leaves are out in their vibrant lush shades of green. Hills, mountains, farms and rivers, with quaint small towns every few miles. 

Experienced the first changeover - where around 50 residents from May left on the Friday, and around 50 new residents for June arrived on the Sunday. Was eerily quiet that weekend, although the treat of being able to crank the volume in my studio and sing along without disturbance or embarrassment was refreshing. The new group is lovely, making some new buddies and looking forward to the first Open Studio event this coming week. Painter Gordon Moore is the visiting artist this coming week also, so lots happening.