VSC (Week Three) / by Marita Hewitt

All settled in now, and managing to keep to my painting schedule of one a week. Studio is slowly becoming more inhabited, although I still miss working amidst the security of my small space and its compact storage at home. We had two visiting artists here last week - Elana Herzog and Enrique Celaya Martinez. Thoroughly enjoyed both their slide talks and studio visits. Was a treat to receive some feedback from them, discuss some new ideas, clarify others and share excitement in regard to this direction. Its been over ten years since I've had a studio visit / critique, was valuable to offer that which otherwise just swirls around endlessly in my mind.

Managed to break away from this small bubble for the weekend and do a bit of exploring in the region with a few fellow residents - a necessity to clear my mind of the repetition. A charming area, with some great photographic moments - both landscape and socio-cultural. Plus had my first dining out experience in a classic mountain lodge where I enjoyed lovely hospitality, an all home made burger with fries, and a local draught IPA. Delicious.

This is another little peak of a detail from my new series -