Vermont Studio Centre (Week One) / by Marita Hewitt

Arrived last Sunday to Johnson, Vermont after a long journey of four flights, and have had my eyes and ears wide open ever since. Being my first residency I didn't know what to expect. My studio is massive  (as in half the size of our whole house at home) in a converted barn with skylights and a view of the garden. Arriving with my few supplies (a water colourist travels light) this space is initially intimidating - urging productivity to put something up on the big white walls. There are over 60 visual artists and writers here, from all over the world, of which I still haven't met every person. The town of Johnson is small and the VSC inhabits almost half of the buildings here operating as studios, houses, lecture hall, yoga studio, meditation hall, dining hall etc etc. It means everything is available within short walking distance, a convenience and simplicity which breeds productivity and thinking.

We've had a resident slide night and a visiting poet reading this week, both of which engaged and excited, got my head nodding and my mouth smiling. Its just the beginning.

Whilst on a 12 week residency here (with the support of Wallace Arts Trust), I plan to produce two large series of five works, in water colour on paper; plus squeeze in some drawing if I can. First week in and I am on track.

This is a sneak peak detail of a new work:






And this was the source of a good chuckle at the laundromat last night.