Rubbish/Trash/Waste/Detritus/Refuse/Scrap/Flotsam and Jetsam/Garbage/Debris / by Marita Hewitt

I've been thinking about the narrative of items left behind. Then I've been thinking about the value of these items/associates, and other associates of our lives which we keep and treasure. The desire to update and acquire. New vs old. Remnants that collect together. Progressive Obsolescence.  Stuff. I read a book called Waste and Want by Susan Strasser lately. It traverses a history of how we have changed our use, value, and reuse of products, items and now packaging (from rags and bone rouge municipal collections, to cooking fat kept to make soap, and tin cans to make bombs in the war, the invention of toilet paper, tampons, plastic and other single use products).

Heard about Wikicell - edible nutritious packaging for food. Excellent.

This documentary is worth a watch - The Plastic Cow -


Waste vs Value is at the centre of my explorations as present. Considerations of time spent, craft, learning and experimenting, significance of materials, irony. What is any of this worth?