This Moment Has No End, at Page Blackie Gallery 4 - 27 July 2019 by Marita Hewitt

My practice exists entwined with and through my home (itself a work in progress), I see my work as a natural autobiographical output of domestic life, curiosity and contention.

Recent works seek to navigate and question our modern sociological relationship to, and system of; production, labour, consumption and waste; charting lines between private space and work space, technology and craft, garbology and anthropology.

For This Moment Has No End, I collected personal household fabric discards to use as both material and muse, presenting a library of stains with stories, from sheets to drop cloths, tea towels to rags and handed down muslin cloths, their constituent circular economy as paintings is earnest.

Showing two new series of work Still Here and A Perpetual Promise

Urbis Magazine by Marita Hewitt

Pleased to be included in a recent shoot with Urbis Magazine (Issue 99, page 40); Objectify; where Clooney's head chef Jacob Kear created dishes with foraging at heart, in response to a range of local ceramics. 

Photography by Toaki Okano, art direction by Thomas Cannings.



Good things by Marita Hewitt

Few exciting projects coming up:

Innocent Packaging has a range of friendly coffee cups in their Compostable Canvas series coming out shortly featuring Bibliography For An Unwritten Thesis, 2016, look out in cafe's nationwide.

Urbis Magazine has an interesting feature collaboration between Auckland chefs and New Zealand ceramicists coming out in their next issue; my work Personal E-Waste Series (Panasonic Lumix), 2014 is amongst it.

Hastings City Art Gallery is loaning a few works from my Superfluous Series to be included in an exhibition this September exploring the everyday.

And... I'll be exhibiting new work continuing the Of Itself series, at Sydney Contemporary 2017! Thanks Page Blackie Gallery! 

Art News by Marita Hewitt

Pick up a copy of the latest Art News magazine to read an article I wrote about my experience at the Vermont Studio Centre, on my 12 week residency earlier this year.


VSC (Week Eleven) by Marita Hewitt


So its my last week here. I've finished the work I intended to, plus a little extra.Excited to finish up here, and move on. Its been amazing, and an experience I know will feed into my work for some time. But I am ready to return to the real world now. Can't believe its over. Gonna miss this place, but can't wait to get home. On my to do list this week highlights include learning how to forge steel, and have a go at life drawing. Been enjoying hiking some mountains recently, and swam in the darkest deepest lake I've ever seen; in great fear/exhileration. Thanks Vermont. Below is my favourite photograph taken at this past weekend's Lamoille County Fair (which was the quintessential rural American experience). Massive thanks again to the Wallace Arts Trust for their support.